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Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Journey of a Teacher: 21 Years After
A Historical Timeline

  29th October 1991       :           L.P.C.A. stint
October 1993                                      At the age of 19 years he became a Physics Teacher
                                                            and have taught students almost his age

  3rd November 1993      :          D.L.S.L. entry
Moment of mixed emotions – HAPPY because he will be teaching in one of the most prestigious schools in Batangas,  SAD because he left a school which became his first HOME and refuge, and FEAR for he is uncertain about his future…

  S.Y. 1994-1995            :           Freshmen Level Adviser then Senior Level Adviser
S.Y. 1995-1996                                    Two years of Formative teaching, advising and

TRIVIA: Batch ’96 became the first batch
who graduated in the SENTRUM. B-105 his advisory
class and a non-cream was one of the only three
sections with 100% passing rate. B-stands for Blue the color code of the senior level that time.

  S.Y. 1996-2001            :           5-Yr. Middle Administrative Career
At a very young age of 24 years he became a Mid-level administrator. This was totally an abrupt change of career landscape from ordinary teaching to administrative one.

  S.Y. 2001-2002            :           Post- Administrative Year
The hunger and thirst to teach full time urged him to resign as administrator and went back to teaching. It was hard at first to return to full time teaching especially if you came from a managerial and administrative post for a long time.

  S.Y. 2002-2003            :           Return as Level 8 YLM
A call of duty forced him to return to administrative
position to help in the Transition Governance period of the school.

  S.Y. 2003-2006            :           3-Yr L7 Non-Adviser Years
Finally, after 8 years, he decided to teach full time and cherish the real world of a teacher. This marked the beginning of his real teaching career.

  S.Y. 2006-2007            :           First Stint as L7 SBJ Adviser ; A.M. L10 Physics Teacher
After 10 long years of not having an advisory class
and longing for a school-family, urged him to enter the SBJ community and became a Level 7 adviser.
It was really fulfilling now that he will be teaching not only the regular students but also the less-privileged but multi-talented Hilarians.

  S.Y. 2007-2009            :           L7 SBJ Adviser - the Continuation
A period of “Fax Romana” – peaceful, quiet but challenging years

  S.Y. 2009-2010            :           First Stint as L11 SBJ Adviser and Applied Science Teacher
S.Y. 2010-2012                                    A change of environment encouraged him to teach
                                                            Applied Science and at the same time became a
Level 11 - SBJ adviser. It was a thrill to stand in
front of thousands of people presenting a graduating class with 100% success rate once again. The trend will continue for the next two years…

  S.Y. 2012- present       :           Level 11 SBJ Adviser – The Saga Continues
This marks his fourth stint as a Level 11 adviser.

This is a year full of promises and hopes – at the age of 40 years and spending more than half of his life as a teacher (19y v. 21y) all he can pray for is that good health and unending passion to teach will continuously flow from an imaginary fountain of youth and scholarly wisdom and be granted upon him by the Divine Providence.

            Live Jesus in Our Hearts… Forever!

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