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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mr. Casala's Adviser's Message

School Year 2012-2013   can best be remembered because of the following important events:
First,it is the year that I have begun my life at 40!Also, it’s the Golden Jubilee Year of De La Salle Lipa our beloved school. Lastly, it mightbe unprecedented, though I not am so  sure if this is the first time that  the adviser and  the advisory class  will graduate  at the same  school  year!

Remember when we set the standard at the very beginning?  What I mean is everyone will become achievers! Theoretically it is possible and maybe some of you took it as a joke.But look what happened during the third quarter – a lowest average grade of 85.00+ was registered on the school academic files (79.00 was your lowest at the start of the S.Y.)If not for some hitches along the way probably we have almost completed the feat.Anyhow what you have achieved is already extra-ordinary.

As we wind up the story book of your batch: the “BB-112 Golden Batch”. Always remember all the good and bad things that had happened in the past.For the “Good things” cherish it and make it a part of your nostalgic memory so that when you grow older you will have something to look back into.As for the “Bad experiences” never forget it, rather learn from it.Goodbye for now my children. I will miss you so much hope you will miss me too.Always remember to live simply and humbly.Love and serve your family first and be with God at all times.

What a School Year That was

S.Y. 2012-2013 can best be remembered as the year De La Salle Lipa celebrated her 50th year of  its existence!

It was also the year I have accomplished two theses and earned my much awaited master's degree.

Moreover, March 2013 also paved the way for a new Pope: Pope Francis!

Lost of challenges also happened this year that somehow tested my faith on God but passed it with flying colors.

New students were met;  new friends were found.

Thanks for the memories and fun SY 2012-2013.

Good luck to my students who will be graduating this school year. Just hang tough and continue reaching you dream.

May the Lord be with you always...

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