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Thursday, August 18, 2011


In the life a person there is a point in time that you will feel deserted and alone, that you will experience emptiness and does not know where to go. People tend to jump into that vortex that is full of confusion, of anxiety and hopelessness leading to a miserable and complex way of life. But do we really need to experience sufferings and challenges in life? If YES then why? – The answer is plain and simple TO BE WITH GOD!

When people have all the wealth and luxury in life, he tends to forget God. He is tempted to live a life that is so materialistic and earthly. Hence, challenges and sufferings come to remind us that “Hey humans I am still here, have you forgotten me” says God.

Problems arise not to punish us but rather to test our faith in Him. Remember Job in the BIBLE? That was a great example of how God tested His people and how man overcame the challenges and reaped the fruit of a better life.

But how do we connect to God? In my last blog I mentioned prayer. Yes, prayer is not the last resort but the only medium that we can communicate with God. And it takes many forms – spontaneous, formula, READING THE BIBLE etc.. .

To end this blog let me share with you the following notes about Reading the BIBLE that I have kept in my blog notebook:

B – elieve in God (we have to show that we really believe in Him by reading His
I – ntelligence (reading the bible will make us wiser)
B – roadminded (it will make our horizon wider)
L – ovable ( God’s people are lovable and full of love)
E – encouragement (the bible encourages and inspires people)

“TEXT MESSAGES can be deleted but GOD’S MESSAGES had lasted through time.”

“We need to load the cell phones, the BIBLE loads us.”

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